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 Our New York City office is now open! Located in Midtown- 1740 Broadway 15th Floor, New York, NY 10019

Human Resources

HR Audit

Are you unsure if your HR policies and practices are compliant? Do you want to rest easier knowing your business is compliant with both federal and state law? Our complete HR Audits provide the thorough knowledge you seek, along with best practices and suggestions.

Outsourced HR Department

Do you hate HR-ing or just don’t have the time for it? We provide you with service based outsourced HR department, based on your level of need.

Interim HR Management

Is your HR manager on leave or did they leave the company and you need someone to step in? We have provided interim HR Management for multiple companies until their HR Manager returns, or they hire a new one.

Employee Relations

Unsure of how to handle a situation, we have you covered! We’ve seen it all are well versed in how to respond to a variety of situations.

Employee Handbook Development & Update

Do you need an employee handbook and unsure where to go? Are you worried your handbook isn’t compliant? We create custom and compliant handbooks and update old ones, any state.


Are you having a hard time filling a job position? We can assist. We can complete a compensation analysis, create job descriptions, properly classify the position, post the position, screen resumes, do the first phone screening, and provide you with only qualified applicants, saving you time and money.


Can you fire that employee? Are you afraid to termination an employee or unsure if you can? We can help you navigate the tricky waters of termination.


We provide Manager Training, Communication, and Sexual Harassment Prevention training. Virtual or onsite, engaging and fun training to help develop your people and minimize risk.


We have OSHA certifications and are certified in Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) creation. We can perform a walk through and basic safety guidance. If you need more, we have amazing safety resources to refer you to.

HR Projects

We provide multiple HR services to HR Departments who don’t have time to complete. If you HR Team needs assistance, we’re here to lend a supporting hand!

Additional Services

Onboarding Documents

Risk Management and Compliance


Interview Support and Guidance

Labor Law Notifications

Wage and Hour Guidance

Employee Reward and Recognition Programs

Employee Compensation

Employee Engagement Strategy

HR Strategy for Growth

1-9 Audit

Employee Classifications

Employee Cost Calculator

PEO Assessment